The Association of Film Professionals of the Republic of Macedonia is a citizen association, founded on 21 May 1950, formed by free association of Macedonian film professionals and it has a status of a legal entity. The Association is a sovereign, independent, non-governmental and non-profit Association of Film Professionals.
The basic goals of the Association are the realization and protection of the rights and interests of the Macedonian Film Professionals who work on the territory of Macedonia and abroad, as well as obtaining continuous development of film activities, stimulation and promotion of the film profession, promotion of the film art and culture.
The Association is the initiator, founder and organizer of the International Cinematographers’ Film Festival – “Manaki Brothers” (Brakja Manaki). The Festival began in 1979, and it is the first and oldest festival dedicated to the creativity of cinematographers across the world.
Moreover, the Association is the initiator, founder and organizer of the Film Revue “Golden Frame” (Zlatna Ramka), which represents insight and display of the completed Macedonian films in one calendar year, financed from the Budget of the Republic of North Macedonia.

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